APCAM Webinar series

On ADR at the Greater Bay Area – 8 September 2023

Welcome to the APCAM Webinar on the topic, “On ADR at the Greater Bay Area”, conducted by APCAM, Indonesia.

This is the eleventh of the APCAM Webinar series, which is held every month. The APCAM Webinar series will be a global tour of all jurisdictions, discussing about the ADR developments regionally and globally by the most reputed professionals and stakeholder from global jurisdictions.

Difficult people in disputes and obstinacy for logical conversation is not a rare picture in mediation. In this edition of webinar, the focus will be on shedding light on this question and understanding where these obstacles come from and what efforts and skills is needed to put an end to the conflict.


  • WANG TIANXI, Vice President of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
  • ZENG HONG YAN, Director of Huizhou Arbitration Commission
  • DR. LIU XIAOCHUN, President of Shenzhen Court of Int. Arbitration, Executive Chairman of South China Int. Arbitration Centre (HK)
  • WANG RUISEN, President of Zhuhai Court of Int. Arbitration
  • LI XIONGFUNG, Deputy Secretary General of South China Int. Arbitration Center (HK)


  • SYLVIA SIU JP, APCAM Vice Chairperson


Friday, 8 September 2023

15:30 – 16.30 [Hong Kong Time (UTC+8.00)]

Participation will be on first-come-first-served basis.

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Email secretariat@apcam.asia for any further information.