APCAM Webinar series

Cracking Cultural Complexities in Cross-Border Commercial Mediation – 24 April 2021

Welcome to the APCAM Webinar on the topic, “Cracking Cultural Complexities in Cross-Border Commercial Mediation”.

This is the second of the APCAM Webinar series, which will be held every month. The APCAM Webinar series will be a global tour of all jurisdictions, discussing about the ADR developments regionally and globally by the most reputed professionals and stakeholder from global jurisdictions.  

This webinar will unravel the cultural complexity in cross-border mediation and address issues such as: Do cultural differences matter? Do they exert a strong influence on cross-border commercial mediation? Won’t money issues outweigh culture issues? Can culture issues really block the resolution of money issues? What “secret sauce” can a mediator use to manage cultural complexity in cross-border commercial mediation?


Raymond Lee, APCAM International Certified Mediator, PMN Indonesia

Delcy Lagones de Anglim, Founding Director of APCAM and the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre, Australia

Danny McFadden, APCAM International Certified Mediator, Hongkong


Said Faisal, PMN (the Indonesian Mediation Center) Mediator, Indonesia


Saturday, April 24th

13:00 to 14:30 [Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7)]

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