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APCAM International Meta-verse Arbitration Moot

APCAM announces the “APCAM International Meta-verse Arbitration Moot”. The purpose of the competition is to foster the study of arbitration and its process, and a practical training to students for resolving international disputes in the Meta-verse and relating aspects of Meta-verse. The marked preference for resolving international disputes by arbitration is the reason this method of dispute resolution was selected as the clinical tool to train law students.

The APCAM International Meta-verse Arbitration Moot is the way to introduce the delegates to the practical aspect of the application of arbitration theories, the techniques, and the skills to ace the profession. Along with this, it provides an opportunity to work as a team and to learn to overcome potential challenges that may arise in a time. This competition will assist the participants in understanding the cross-cultural barriers that can arise in arbitration. The Competition aims to provide an international platform for all the delegates across the world to build and strengthen the global network.

The competition is powered by Peacegate Application (, which is a dedicated online platform for conducting arbitration, seamlessly with AI assistance.

For details about APCAM International Meta-verse Moot 2023, please click here. For further details, contact:

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