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APCAM Ambassadors Council

The APCAM Ambassadors Council (AAC) is a Voluntary Committee constituted by the Board of Directors of APCAM, to promote an interchange of information and views among the ADR professionals, academics, users and other stakeholders, to be a focal point for the impartial and learned consideration of issues surrounding mediation, arbitration and other ADR options and to protect the interest of ADR users, professionals, institutions and generally improving all actions in matters affecting cross-border business and dispute resolution.

Any ADR Lawyer, Arbitrator, Mediator, Academic or any person which would like to associate with the objects of APCAM can be a member. Any Chamber of Commerce, Law firm, University, Lawyers Association or any institution or association, which would like to associate with the objects of APCAM, can be an Institutional Member.

For becoming a member of the APCAM Ambassadors Council, please get in touch with APCAM Secretariat (

Download the APCAM Ambassadors Council membership rules.