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APCAM Trainers Training Programs

With the objective to provide the best professional international disputes resolution services with high-quality dispute resolution neutrals, APCAM has developed a well-designed ACPAM’s Accreditation system for both neutrals and the relative training courses. In accordance with the APCAM’s Accreditation system, the course seeking the accredited or certified by APCAM should be conducted by APCAM Certified Trainers (ACTs).

APCAM is committed to maintain the high professional standards of International Mediation and Arbitration. Among others, developing a high-quality trainer team is of a paramount importance. The APCAM Certified Trainers Training Program aims to develop a new generation of high-quality mediation and arbitration training experts by offering cutting-edge knowledge on international dispute resolution instruments and their application in the current global regime under an intensive and interactive training model. Graduate of the APCAM Certified Trainers Training Program is eligible to be qualified as APCAM Certified Trainers (ACTs) and conduct training programs and courses certified by APCAM worldwide.

APCAM Certified Training Programs

For maintaining high standards and professionalism, APCAM has developed well-designed certified training programs for mediators and arbitrators, which will be imparted by the respective centres. On successful completion of an APCAM Certified program, the participant will be qualified to apply for accreditation under the APCAM Accreditation norms, which would empanel the participant as a mediator or arbitrator in the roster of all the APCAM centres. Certified training programs, afford the opportunity to expand the horizon of your ADR practice in global platform, as only APCAM Certified neutrals are entitled to mediate or arbitrate in cross border disputes in all APCAM centres available in appx. 10 different countries in the Asia-Pacific.

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