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International ADR Awards

To popularise and implement high standards of professionalism among ADR professionals, ADR academics, ADR users and ADR researchers and to develop and consistently upgrade the quality of ADR, APCAM announces launched “APCAM International ADR Awards”, which are presented during the APCAM Summit.

The Awards will honour all significant contributions working towards ensuring quality ADR services and for path-breaking innovations and partnerships. The awardees will be showcased during the Annual APCAM International Summit, which will be a confluence of the ADR, legal and business community in the region, to discuss and deliberate on the latest trends and developments of disputes and its resolutions. The awards will go a long way in motivating ADR activists to join this movement for the overall improvement of research and development in the professionalism and credibility of ADR.

There are 10 categories of nominations. You can either apply directly or recommend nominations of excellent professionals and organisations in the APCAM member countries, whom you think are worthy of the award, in any of the categories.

APCAM International ADR Awards 2023