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Founding Members:

The founding members of APCAM are the other organisations which have signed the Memorandum for the formation of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (APCAM).

They are:

Admission of New Members:

Any APCAM Member may recommend an organisation for admission as a new APCAM Member.The following shall be the eligibility criteria for membership in APCAM:

  1. An organisation whose main office is established in any of the Asia-Pacific countries; and
  2. Whose core function/business is the provision of mediation, conciliation and/or arbitration services (the organisation should be a full-fledged mediation and/or arbitration centre); and
  3. Which agrees to be bound and to abide by APCAM Charter; and which is able and willing to carry out the obligations of APCAM membership.


That there shall be only two members from a country, if they are full-fledged arbitration and mediation centres. But if the member is an exclusive mediation or arbitration centre, there can be a maximum of two such centres from each category from a country. Membership shall be equally from public sector and private sector.

A public sector organization is one which is governed, supported or affiliated with the government or the courts of that country and a private sector organization is one which is non-governmental and governed by its elected members and not one which is a proprietary concern or established or governed under a permanent governing unit.

The admission of any organisation to membership in APCAM will require the approval of three-quarters of all existing APCAM Members at that point in time, if it is an organisation from a new country and in case of an additional member of an existing country, it will require the approval of three-quarters of all existing APCAM Members at that point in time and approval of the existing members of that country.

Membership Fee:

All Members shall pay a one-time membership fee of USD 1000.00 (One thousand only), or such fee that the General Meeting decides from time to time.