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APCAM Arbitration is based on the most effective Arbitration Rules published by the Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation, which helps parties and arbitrators to use the best available global practice for the resolution of international disputes quickly and economically by way of administered arbitration on global standards.

APCAM Arbitration Rules have been developed to cater the requirements of all constituent member institutions to conduct administered international arbitration under their respective Institutional Arbitration Rules. APCAM Arbitration Rules attempts to balance institutionalisation with party autonomy, so that issues which deal with the legality and integrity of proceedings are integrated within the Rules and conducted in a systematic way with efficient administrative control.

The APCAM Arbitration Rules also provides facility for Arb-Med-Arb Procedure, which is an effective way by which the party can invoke arbitration and simultaneously try to resolve the dispute through mediation and if successful, make the outcome as an arbitral award or in case of failure of mediation, continue with arbitration. The AMA procedure helps to save time and also helps to make mediation settlement binding.

Emergency Arbitrator:

The APCAM Arbitration Rules provide the provision for the appointment of emergency arbitrators, which allows the party in need of an emergency interim relief to make such application and the said application can be made concurrently with or after the filing of the Arbitration Submission, but not after the constitution of the arbitral tribunal. Emergency interim relief order or award granted by an emergency arbitrator shall have a binding effect on the parties.

How it Works:

A party need not have a specific APCAM arbitration clause in their contract to invoke the APCAM Rules. A party who have opted for institutional ADR services under the Arbitration Rules of any of the constituent institutional members in any of the countries, can use those institutions to conduct arbitration of their international disputes under the APCAM Arbitration Rules. As per the Arbitration Rules of the respective institutions, in case of an international dispute, the process will be governed under the APCAM Arbitration Rules for resolving their international disputes. The APCAM Arbitration Rules provide an easy and comprehensive procedure for parties to adopt and conduct their proceedings in any of the countries without hurdles. The costs and expenses of arbitration will be governed by the Fee Schedule of the APCAM Arbitration Rules in all these jurisdictions.

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International Arbitration Fee Schedule