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Members of APCAM

1. Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM), India

Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation, more commonly known as IIAM, is one of the pioneer institutions in India, administering and facilitating Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, which includes international and domestic commercial arbitration, mediation / conciliation and negotiation. IIAM also provide training and accreditation of mediators and arbitrators. IIAM is a registered non-profit organization, which commenced activities in the year 2001. IIAM also has a digital platform for dispute resolution called Peacegate ( For more details of IIAM, log on to  

2. Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC), Malaysia

The Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC) was established in 1999, under the auspices of the Bar Council of Malaysia. MMC’s objectives include promoting mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process and also to provide a proper avenue for successful dispute resolutions. The Mediation Committee of the Bar Council is responsible for the proper functioning and implementation of the MMC’s objectives and services. Currently MMC has about 300 Mediators accredited on the Panel of Mediators of the MMC. MMC has also entered into collaboration with other Mediation Centres in China and other countries to promote mediation including on line mediation. For more details of MMC, log on to

3. Indonesian Mediation Center (PMN), Indonesia

The Indonesian Mediation Center (PMN) was established in 2003, and accredited by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in 2004. The Centre (Pusat Mediasi Nasional: PMN) is a professional, not-for-profit institution providing mediation training and services and staffed with experienced mediators drawn from diverse areas of law, banking, engineering and business. PMN is in a unique position to provide its listed mediator and to administer cases for mediation for any dispute. PMN has been providing training programs for prominent Indonesian lawyers and judges since its inception. PMN is recognised mediation leader and credible mediation training program provider in Indonesia. For more details, log on to

4. Hong Kong International Mediation Centre (HKIMC), Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Mediation Centre (HKIMC) provides the world-class professional international mediation services for global business and individuals. HKIMC’s professionally trained and rigorously assessed International Accredited Professional Mediators, from more than 40 countries or regions, provide high-quality mediation services in accordance with HKIMC’s high-standard rules and well-established case filing and management system. Parties may choose their mediators from HKIMCs 15 specialist committees who will best suit their needs. HKIMC collaborates with over a hundred international organizations and firms, a settlement agreement endorsed by HKIMC can be enforceable worldwide through HKIMC’s International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Mechanism. For more details about HKIMC, log on to

5. Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb), Hong Kong

Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb) was established in 1996, by a group of Hong Kong professional people interested in arbitration, mediation and other kinds of dispute resolution, so as to have Hong Kong’s own arbitration institute. It has charitable status and is non-profit making. The main objective of HKIArb is to promote arbitration and other alternative methods of dispute resolution in Hong Kong which is a service centre for Asia and gateway to China. HKIArb is involved in the training of arbitrators and mediators and the setting of appropriate standards of conduct for arbitrators and mediators in Hong Kong. It is involved in law reform relevant both to arbitration and mediation. It is working to develop ties with other organisations involved in arbitration and ADR, particularly those within China and in the Asia region. For more details about the institute, please see:

6. Thailand Arbitration Centre (THAC), Thailand

Thailand Arbitration Centre (THAC) is an organization that provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and established under the Act of Arbitration Center B.E. 2550 (2007). It was first founded and commenced its operation in 2015, with an aim to promote and strengthen the ADR system and services in Thailand. THAC provides arbitration and mediation services for cross-border disputes, it administers these services under its own rules and on ad-hoc basis. Moreover, THAC also provide the trainings to the public who wished to become the Arbitrator or Mediator, or simply to know more about ADR. For more details of THAC, please search

7. Nepal International ADR Center (NIAC), Nepal

Nepal International ADR Center (NIAC) was established in 2013 to deliver ADR services especially Arbitration, Mediation, Adjudication and Negotiation. The center offers services for resolution of domestic and transnational commercial disputes and conducts activities aimed at promotion of ADR knowledge, skill and services.  The Centre is envisioned as a common forum for judges, lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators not only to offer ADR services but also engage in co-creating knowledge on law and ADR. The centres’s action strategies include ADR services, partnership, networking and ADR advocacy and so on.  Office of the center is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. For more details of NIAC, please see

8. Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre (ADRC), Australia

ADRC, the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre, was founded as a “one stop shop” for dispute resolution in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our aim is to help you resolve your dispute privately and cost efficiently. ADRC has been approved by IMI Independent Standards Commission as a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) for International Mediators. ADRC has its main offices in Canberra, with additional offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong and several other Asian cities. For more details about ADRC, see

9. Korea International Mediation Centre (KIMC), Republic of Korea

The Korea International Mediation Centre (KIMC) was established in September 2020 for the purpose of international peace by facilitating a proper mediation including international mediation. Its establishment was partly encouraged by the entry into force of the Singapore Convention on Mediation. The KIMC, a non-profit legal person under the Korean Civil Law, is registered at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). The registration at the MOTIE shows the determination of the KIMC to support business users of mediation. The KIMC has been making efforts to raise public awareness for mediation among businesses and lawyers by providing KIMC’s signature education program—i.e. the PONAM (Program on Negotiation and Mediation)—and waging nation-wide public campaigns. For further information, visit the website