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APCAM maintains a panel of eminent Neutrals – Arbitrators and Mediators, who are recognized for their integrity, impartiality, expertise, dispute resolution skills and reputation in their fields. The Neutrals representing various countries with respective language, cultural background and legal background are empanelled with APCAM.

Apart from the efficiency of the ADR Rules, the trust on the Neutrals also underpin the success of the ADR processes. The parties need to have confidence in the Neutral’s integrity in terms of competence, professionalism, independence, impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences. APCAM maintains high professional credibility of its Neutrals through stringent quality measures and accreditation norms.

Experienced persons from various fields from all countries are empanelled as APCAM Arbitrators. Similarly, internationally trained Mediators are empanelled as APCAM Mediators. If you are a person with integrity, impartiality and having expertise with dispute resolution skills and certified in mediation or arbitration as per the respective Qualifying Assessment Process (QAP) under APCAM Accreditation, you can empanel yourself as a Mediator or Arbitrator with APCAM.

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