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Ms. Megalai V Raman

Ms. Megalai V Raman

Malaysia Malaysia
  • Mediator

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City : Malaysia

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Fee : APCAM Fee Schedule

Mediator Certification : APCAM Certified Mediator (ACM)

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She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Chemistry in the year 1983 and obtained her LLB Honours from University of London in the year 1992. She has been in practise since her call to the Malaysian Bar in 1994. She started her career with United Asian Bank (now CIMB) and was working in the EDP (Electronic Data Processing Unit), when she took up law and obtained her LLB from the University of London. She completed her CLP and went on to practise law with this firm.

She has been in the field of Civil litigation since 1994 , attending to matters pertaining to contracts of all nature including building contract disputes, land law and family matters including probate and administration amongst others.

She is an accredited Mediator and one of the trainers for the Malaysian Mediation Centre. She is a member of the Legal Profession Committee, Mediation Committee of Bar Council, and a member of the Disciplinary Committee Panel of the Advocate & Solicitors Board and has served on the State Bar Committees. She co-authored the section on “Malaysian Mediation” in the Asian Mediation Hand Book published by Thomson Reuters Hong Kong. She has been involved in conducting Mediation awareness programs and has been a Trainer for various training programs conducted by the Malaysian Mediation Centre and State Bar Committees.

She goes by the motto that clients need to be attended to personally and this has been the crux of her practice since its inception. She firmly believes that Mediation is the best way to resolve disputes especially so in these unpredictable times as Mediation is a process which can appeal to the best in human nature which is inherently embedded in each individual and bring about an outcome that can appease the parties in conflict and find closure.