Landscape of Mediation: Pathways and Pattern

“Landscape of Mediation: Pathways and Pattern” – two-day workshop organised by JLU Bhopal in association with Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) and Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation (APCAM).

The workshop, scheduled on 19-20 September 2020 is open to students, professors and professionals and focuses on Mediation and nuances of Negotiation. Mediation and Negotiation techniques are one of the most basic facets of a legal professional’s modus operandi. The workshop aims to draw a connection between the complexities of the mediation procedure and the efficacy of the result it aims to attain. The workshop will be chaired by Ms. Iram Majid, Director of IIAM and Executive Director of APCAM and Ms. Delcy Lagones de Anglim, Board Member APCAM, Director ADRC, Australia.

The workshop will discuss the growing trend of mediation and its importance, both for the litigant/client and the counsel. The various prospects related to approaching the mediation method would be brought to light and will address the typical stages of mediation, required negotiation skill set on the part of the counsel, principles involved and shall also include a role play, to better acquaint the participants with the methodology. Join the workshop for engaging in an exhaustive legal dialogue revolving around this process, and to equip the upcoming generation of lawyers to better deliver in the field. For more details and registration, download brochure.